How Do We Do It?


We develop explainer videos that effectively relate your idea, product or service to your viewers in an interesting and captivating way that is sure to capture the attention of your audience. Constant, open and transparent communication with our team is available throughout the process, which allows you to monitor the progress, give comments and manage the key segments in the production process of your video. This customer-friendly process has the following stages:


Our representative preforms a detail consultation with you which enables him to understand the message and the idea, product or service you want to relate with your video. It is very important to us that we develop a video in a way that it depicts your message as you want it to.

Scriptwriting + Storyboarding

Our team of experienced creative writers, designers and video producers converts your message into a video script and captivating images which, upon your approval, become a storyboard that effectively depicts your video.

Illustration + Animation

The storyboard and other raw material are then crafted into captivating animation with music, sound effects and professional voiceover. The whole process is constantly monitored by experts in order to make sure that your message is constantly in the main focus of the video and that the flow of the content is natural and captivating.


Upon completion of the video and final tweaks by our review team, you will be presented with the final version of your explainer video for a final review. If your new video meets your expectations and requirements, we deliver the final, amazing and captivating product to you in a format of your choice, ready to be implemented in all the places you can communicate with your audience.

Explainer Video Made In The Right Way!

Considered today as the most effective introduction tool in the marketing industry! It is a marketing tool that you will enjoy its return for years to come.

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